European Auto AC Repair

European Auto AC Repair

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Is the air-conditioning on but all you get is hot air? Did you turn on your car’s air conditioning and nothing happens at all?

Broken car ac can ruin anyone’s day but Performance Auto Specialists can help get you back to driving cool and comfortable in no time!

Why your air conditioning stops working

Your air conditioning can stop working for a number of reasons. It can be as simple as the system being out of refrigerant to a malfunctioning air conditioning compressor or fan. No matter why your air conditioning does not work, Performance Auto Specialists can find the problem, fix it, and have you enjoying cool comfort in no time.

When your air conditioning runs out of refrigerant, just like your refrigerator at home, it cannot keep the air it blows cool. Our trained mechanics will recharge the system, check it for leaks, and have you ready to go. If your air conditioning does not work at all, the problem may be a compressor, fan, or fan component that pushes the air throughout the system.

Performance Auto Specialists will inspect your entire system, diagnose the problem, and perform the needed repairs to get your air conditioning keeping you cool and comfortable no matter how hot the temperature is outside!