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4 Ways To Fix a Dent Without Visiting The Shop

We all can get distracted at times while driving, and out of nowhere, you can have a dent in your bumper. The dent may be small, but shop costs can really add up. Before you bring your car in, try some of these tricks at home!

Use a Hairdryer

For this DIY fix, you will need a hairdryer, aluminum foil, rubber gloves, dry ice and a can of compressed air. Hold the hair dryer about six inches away from the car’s surface. Heat the dent and then cover it with the aluminum foil. While wearing the rubber gloves rub the dry ice on the aluminum foil. If you do not have dry ice you can use the can of liquefied compressed air to cool the area. When the temperature of the car changes this quickly, it should cause the dent to pop out after about a minute.

Try a Plunger

The way a plunger works for a toilet can also work on a small dent in your bumper! All you need to do is pour water on the dent and the plunger. Then just place the plunger over the dent and start to push up and down. After a few tries, the dent should pop right out.

Boiling Water Can Be The Fix

This trick can be used on plastic bumpers and any plastic part of your car. For this, all you are going to need is a pot of boiling water and a pot of cold water. Pour the boiling water over the dent and then stick your hand behind the bumper and push the dent out from the other side. If the dent cannot be reached from the other side you may need to take the bumper off. Once the dent has been pushed out, pour the cold water over the area to fix and cool the car’s surface off.

Remove The Dent With a Vacuum And a Bucket

For this idea, you will need a bucket that has the same circumference as your dent and a vacuum. Make a small hole in the bottom of the bucket and place the larger opening of the bucket over the dent. Place the vacuum over the hole and turn on the vacuum. Similar to the plunger idea, the sucking motion should pull the dent out after some time.

If none of these tricks work for your car, or the dent is large enough to damage the metal of your car, it may be time to bring it into a shop. When something goes wrong with your car, you want to bring it to the experts. Visit Performance Auto Specialists for all your European Automobile needs!

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