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5 Advantages of Using a European Mechanic

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If you drive a European or luxury vehicle, such as a BMW or a Porsche, you probably don’t want to take your car to just any mechanic shop. You need to take your vehicle to a European auto mechanic who knows how to service and repair these unique automobiles.

Here are five advantages of using a European mechanic.


1. Certified Mechanics & Technicians

The European auto repair shop you choose should care enough about its craft to take the time to gain certifications in a variety of different areas.

Many mom-and-pop repair shops simply don’t have the experience necessary to effectively assess and repair European vehicles without error. We highly recommend you take your luxury car to a specialized European mechanic so it can be fixed properly by someone certified in that particular make of vehicle. 

At Performance Auto Specialists, our talented team consists of certified mechanics and technicians who truly know how to service and repair the inner workings of both foreign and domestic vehicles. We specialize in European auto repair, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Mini, Volkswagen, Jaguar, Audi, and Porsche.


2. Dealership-Quality Service

Like the technicians you encounter at dealerships, quality European mechanics generally have a specialized understanding of OEM (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) car parts – the original high-quality parts developed by your vehicle’s manufacturer. In fact, some European auto technicians – like Performance Auto Specialists – ONLY use these premium quality parts to serve their customers. 

Meanwhile, any other old repair shop may use less reliable aftermarket parts that don’t fit your vehicle properly – and may even create issues down the road. Even if you request that a mechanic use OEM car parts when repairing your vehicle, they may not have the specialized experience – nor the appropriate tools – to work on those parts.


3. More Affordable Than Dealerships

Although a trustworthy European mechanic has the very same expertise and parts you will find at the dealership level, one thing they generally don’t have is the same ridiculously high price tag on repair and replacement services. 

Once your dealership warranty has run out, you’ll notice dealership service prices spike considerably, as most European car dealerships will significantly mark up prices just to make a profit.

Not only will you save a pretty penny when you bring your car to an independent auto shop, but certain European mechanics offer free, accurate service quotes before providing any service and far more palatable financing options.


4. Warranty Options

You should NEVER go to an auto service shop that doesn’t stand behind the work it does. Performance Auto Specialists is a European repair shop that guarantees high quality automotive services for all customers…no matter what. You can depend on our expert European mechanics to fix your foreign and domestic vehicles with confidence.

You’ll want to find a technician that not only offers warranties on all their repairs, but also keeps in mind any remaining dealership warranties. Oftentimes, if you get your car repaired by a third party BEFORE your dealership warranty has concluded, you could invalidate your warranty and any savings that come with it.


5. Friendly, Accessible Service

It’s important that you feel comfortable with the automotive shop you choose to take care of your special foreign vehicle. Performance Auto Specialists is a local European auto shop in Wilmington, NC, focused on providing the best customer service on the east coast.

An independent European auto repair shop, we also tend to have a greater capacity to make ourselves available to thoroughly explain complicated repairs and answer any questions you may have. In fact, we are so in-tune with our customers that we are often on a first-name basis with them.


Performance Auto Specialists | Wilmington, NC

Performance Auto Specialists is proud to offer eastern North Carolina efficient, affordable European car repairs, with years of experience fine-tuning our craft. We service European vehicles 3 years and older that are no longer covered under a factory, bumper-to-bumper warranty.

The Performance Auto Specialist team is available and eager to answer your questions – just give us a call at (910) 343-1650.

Make the right choice for your vehicle services, and contact us today!





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