Volkswagen Repair Specialist For Wilmington, NC

Volkswagen Repair Specialist For Wilmington, NC


Welcome to Performance Auto Specialists, your trusted partner for professional Volkswagen service and repairs in Wilmington, NC. Our mission is to deliver dealer-level expertise without the hefty price tag, ensuring your Volkswagen operates at its peak performance.


Professional Volkswagen Services at Affordable Prices

Your Volkswagen Deserves the Best

  • Dealer-level Expertise: Our seasoned technicians bring a wealth of knowledge and skills, rivaling that of a dealership. The advantage? We offer this expertise at prices significantly lower than what you’d encounter at a dealership.
  • Dedicated Volkswagen Experts: At Performance Auto Specialists, specialization is our forte. Our team is passionate about Volkswagen vehicles, making them the ideal caretakers for your prized possession.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools and Software: We invest in Volkswagen-specific tools and diagnostic software to ensure accurate, timely diagnoses and repairs. This includes the same diagnostic computers used at Volkswagen dealerships nationwide.


Comprehensive Volkswagen Services

Scheduled Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping up with your Volkswagen’s scheduled maintenance is a breeze with us. From routine service to complex repairs, we have you covered. Rest easy knowing your vehicle is in capable hands.

Our Services Include:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections: Make informed decisions with our thorough inspections before buying a used Volkswagen.
  • Convertible Top and Door Latch Repair: Experience seamless operation with our specialized repair services.
  • Engine Electronics Diagnosis and Repair: Nip issues in the bud with our precise electronic diagnostics and repairs.
  • Brakes, Steering and Suspension Repairs: Ensure a smooth, safe ride with our comprehensive repair services.
  • Engine and Transmission Rebuilding: Breathe new life into your Volkswagen with our expert rebuilding services.
  • Drive Train and Differential Repairs: Maintain optimal performance with our meticulous repairs.
  • Air Conditioning Service: Stay cool and comfortable with our professional air conditioning services.


Customer-Centric, Honest Approach

Long-term Relationships Over Quick Profit

We value long-term relationships over fleeting transactions. At Performance Auto Specialists, honesty is paramount. We discuss your car’s needs candidly, without exaggerating the urgency or extent of repairs required.

Transparent Discussions on Your Car’s Needs

Our discussions are always straightforward, aimed at providing you with clear, actionable information. We believe in earning your trust through transparency and superior service.

Advanced Diagnostic Technology

Industry-Leading Diagnostic Computers

Our diagnostic prowess is backed by industry-leading technology, the same used in Volkswagen dealerships across the United States. With these advanced tools, our experienced personnel are adept at providing the high-quality service you and your Volkswagen deserve.

At Performance Auto Specialists, we’re not just about fixing cars. We’re about establishing lasting relationships with our clientele, ensuring your Volkswagen receives the care and attention it deserves. Contact us today for unparalleled Volkswagen service in Wilmington, NC.


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