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Can I Get BMW Service Anywhere in Wilmington, NC?

Can I Get BMW Service Anywhere in Wilmington, NC?

Does it matter where you get your BMW serviced in Wilmington, NC? 

The short answer: Yes!

Of course, as the owner of your BMW, you have the right to get your vehicle service anywhere of your choosing. However, we would advise against settling for the high prices at BMW dealerships OR the low quality at just any old independent repair shop.

In this article, we discuss the differences between BMW dealerships and independent repair shops and provide a list of questions you’ll need to ask before you settle on a BMW service provider.

BMW Dealerships vs. Independent Repair Shops

Dealerships may seem more convenient, but if you find a high quality independent car repair team that truly knows BMW cars, you are going to experience much greater benefits.

Some of the biggest benefits of independent repair shops include…

  • More affordable prices. This is a big one! Dealership prices on parts and repairs are always inflated more than necessary. Most European car dealerships significantly mark up prices just to make a profit…because they know you’ll pay anything for the convenience factor. However, to stay competitive, independent repair shops tend not to inflate prices so much.
  • Still high quality…That is, depending on the shop you choose. If you aren’t diligent with your research and pick a repair technician who does NOT have the proper equipment, training, or expertise to work on a BMW, you may not receive that high quality service your car needs to operate properly.
  • Greater accessibility. With an independent repair shop, you’re more likely to be on a first-name basis with the repair technicians who work on your vehicle. Fortunately, the Performance Auto Specialist team is available and eager to answer your questions – just give us a call at (910) 343-1650.
  • More hands-on customer service. Along with greater accessibility, independent repair shops often have greater capacity to spend time explaining any necessary or upcoming potential repairs. Remember, a good repair shop will provide effective repairs, but a GREAT service provider will give you quality repairs AND excellent customer service.
  • Increased efficiency. Because many European car owners stay with dealerships out of convenience and fear of other shops’ inexperience, European vehicle dealerships are nearly always overloaded. You very well may have better luck getting your car quickly in and out of a smaller shop that specializes in BMW car repair.

How to choose an independent BMW service provider

When scoping out local repair shops, make sure you conduct enough research to determine whether the service you are getting is really the quality your BMW requires for a long, happy lifespan.

When choosing a BMW service provider, you’ll need to consider several things: 

Performance Auto Specialists | Wilmington, NC

We realize that auto repairs are often inevitable. But at Performance Auto Specialists, we strive to give you the education and affordable prices you need to make smart car service decisions.

So, when you bring your BMW into our shop, we will answer ALL of your questions, explain the problem and the solution, and provide a detailed estimate before we perform any work.

Need to see a BMW Repair Specialist? Schedule an appointment!

Have any unanswered questions? Give us a call at (910) 343-1650.


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