Community Involvement

Community Involvement

At Performance Auto Services, our commitment extends beyond being expert import car technicians – we’re proud to be an integral part of the vibrant Wilmington community. Our dedication to the community is not just a statement; it’s a tangible commitment in action.

Supporting Local High School Sports

We proudly sponsor various local high school sports events. It’s our way of nurturing young talent, promoting teamwork, and fostering a sense of pride within our community. We believe in the power of sports to teach valuable life skills and provide opportunities for our youth.

Promoting Drug Education with the Wilmington Police Department

In partnership with the Wilmington Police Department, we actively promote drug education. We recognize the pressing need to address drug abuse in our community. Year after year, we proudly participate in the Wilmington Police Department’s drug education program. As responsible members of the community, we understand the significance of educating our youth about the dangers of drug abuse. By collaborating with law enforcement, we contribute to a safer and healthier Wilmington.

Embracing Community Events

We’re not just bystanders; we’re active participants in events that bring our community together. You’ll find us at the Azalea Festival pageant, celebrating the beauty and culture of Wilmington. We’re also there at the Caring for Kids Radiothon, lending our support to vital causes that make a difference in the lives of local children.

Our involvement in these events reflects our deep-rooted commitment to the well-being and growth of Wilmington. We’re more than an auto service provider; we’re your neighbors, and we’re here to make our community thrive.

Performance Auto Services – Where Expertise Meets Community Care.


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