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Driving Habits to Keep You and Others Safe on the Road

Driving is something that most people get better at over time. It takes practice, just like everything else! It’s also very unsafe if not done the right way. Lots of automobile accidents happen every year. Don’t let yourself become one of them! It’s so important to practice safe driving to allow you and everyone else to get to their destination without an accident. Performance Auto Specialists, the best shop for European auto repair Wilmington, wants to spread good driving tips and ways to prevent accidents from happening.

Put Your Phone on “Do Not Disturb”

Most smartphones have a setting that doesn’t let notifications come through unless you pick up your phone to see them. This is helpful when you’re driving so a noise or vibration doesn’t distract you. Some phones even have a special driving setting that lets people know that you’re driving, and you’ll get back to them later. This setting can help you to focus more on the road and your driving, rather than your phone.

Double-Check Your Blind Spots

When we were learning how to drive, we were taught to check our mirrors and blindspot whenever turning. However, sometimes we miss things when we take a quick glance at our side mirrors. In order to make sure that there’s no one in the other lane you could potentially hit, you should physically turn around and look out your windows to see if there is someone in the other lane.

Follow the Speed Limit

We know that people tend to stretch the limits (no pun intended!), especially when you have somewhere to be in a short amount of time. However, it’s important to remember that you aren’t the only one on the road. In 2019, 9,478 people were killed in an accident involving speeding. Try to maintain a steady speed while driving. Speeding up or slowing down suddenly can cause accidents, waste gas, and wear on your brakes more.

Keep Up with Car Maintenance

Making sure that we keep our vehicles in good working condition can extend their lifespan and keep us off of the side of the road. Cars breaking down while driving can be scary, but if you keep up with the routine maintenance of your vehicle, it’s less likely to happen. Talk to the experts in European auto repair Wilmington to schedule maintenance for your vehicle today!

Performance Auto Specialists | Wilmington, NC

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