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European VS. Domestic Vehicle Maintenance

Man performing maintenance on a European vehicle.

There can’t really be THAT big of a difference between European and American vehicle maintenance, right? After all, any given repair shop has enough knowledge and experience to service my foreign car…right?


When it comes to vehicle service, Domestic and European cars come with distinct maintenance requirements and costs.

From the luxurious, aesthetic appeal to the advanced engineering and technology, a European vehicle isn’t just any old car. To keep it performing at its highest capacity, you’ve got to handle it with a special amount of care and attention.

Routine Service is Necessary

European vehicles are built to last.

But without regularly scheduled service check-ups, your beloved luxury European car may not give you as many years as you’re hoping for. With proactive maintenance, European vehicles can enjoy a long lifespan, even reaching the 150,000-mile mark.

So, what do we mean by proactive maintenance?

Because European cars are designed differently than American vehicles — with distinct parts and higher levels of engineering and technology — their maintenance needs to be approached with a preventative mindset.

One such difference lies in the transmission. An overwhelming majority of European car manufacturers prefer standard shift to automatic transmission. If you purchase a European vehicle in the U.S., you’re far more likely to have to master the nuances of manual transmission.

With manual transmission comes the need for regular clutch maintenance. Although some general repair shops may tell you they can handle such repairs, they have far less experience with the intricacies of the European transmission system — it’s best to leave it up to European vehicle specialists.

And then there’s the elaborate steering and suspension systems in European vehicles. Because the streets in Europe are so narrow and crowded, European car manufacturers place greater emphasis on a high-performing steering and suspension system, giving drivers a greater amount of control around corners.

Unfortunately, the suspension is usually ignored until it’s already too late. To maintain the high level of steering control, routine check-ups (from European car specialists) are in order.

Requires Special Training & Tools

European vehicle manufacturers have an exceptionally high standard of performance and endurance…with the assumption that the proper maintenance will remain a priority.

To keep your car operating at the high level intended by the manufacturer, all vehicle service and repair must be performed by a mechanic who specializes in European car maintenance and has been trained according to manufacturer specifications.

Plus, odds are, general repair shops won’t have the right tools to properly service a European vehicle. With its complex motor and electrical parts, the wrong tools can cause unnecessary damage to your car.

Higher Service Costs

More often than not, the cost of repair and maintenance on European vehicles is noticeably greater than that of their domestic, American counterparts.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Advanced engineering —European vehicles are typically built with a higher level of precision, allowing the car to achieve maximum performance and endurance.
  • Cutting-edge technology — To reach peak automobile performance, European manufacturers equip their cars with the newest features and driver accommodations.
  • High standard for oil & fluids — When it comes to luxurious European cars, the oils and fluids you use matter. The best mechanics will only use the highest quality oils and fluids to service your vehicle.
  • Expensive, hard-to-find parts — Most European vehicles and parts are engineered IN Europe, so between the shipping expenses and the exceptional quality of European car parts, they can strike up quite the expense.

Performance Auto Specialists | European Auto Repair Wilmington

At Performance Auto Specialists, we realize the high price of proper maintenance can be daunting.

But when you bring your beloved European vehicle to us, our manufacturer-trained, specialized mechanics will give your car the maintenance it deserves (for a much lower price than your manufacturer’s service department).

Performance Auto Specialists is proud to offer eastern North Carolina efficient, affordable European car repairs, with years of experience fine-tuning our craft. We service European vehicles 3 years and older that are no longer covered under a factory, bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Ready to give your European car the maintenance it deserves? Get fast and reasonably-priced European auto repair in Wilmington here with Performance Auto Specialists!

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