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How to Tell if Your European Car Needs Brake Repair

How to Tell if Your European Car Needs Brake Repair

Brake repair is inevitable. No matter the make or model, the brakes on your European auto will naturally wear with time and use.

Because your brakes are one of the most critical components of your vehicle – for safety AND optimum performance – staying on top of your brake system condition is necessary.

European Auto Brake Repair

While your European auto technician should be able to predict when you’ll need brake repairs or replacement at your routine maintenance check-ups, you need to be aware of the common signs of brake wear to avoid a dangerous brake failure on the road.

Keep your eye out for these signs of brake trouble…

  1. Brake light is on – The most clear and obvious sign of a brake problem is the ABS warning light. If you see your brake light pop up on your vehicle dashboard, schedule an appointment with your European car mechanic to diagnose the issue ASAP.
  2. Grinding or squealing noises – When your brake pads are worn too thin, the metal of your brakes will start to rub against other metal components of your vehicle – producing that foul grinding, squeaking, or squealing noise you find so embarrassing. Once your brakes are worn this much, you will most likely need a full brake replacement.
  3. Brake pedal easy to floor – Having to push your brake pedal extra far to get your car to stop? If your brake pedal hits the floor too easily when you push on it, you probably need to replace your brake pads. If not an issue with your brake pads, you may be dealing with a dangerous brake fluid leak or air in your brake lines.
  4. Car veering to the side – Is your car pulling left or right? While there could be many reasons for this veering, a braking issue very well could be the culprit. Typically, it is a problem with unevenly worn brake pads. However, it could also be a more serious issue with the brake fluid or a stuck wheel cylinder.
  5. Unusual vibrations – Feeling strange vibrations in your brake pedal or entire vehicle when you attempt to slow down? This is a common problem for drivers who overuse your brakes. As you use your brakes repeatedly (or for an extended period of time), heat will build up in your braking system and warp your brake rotors – the metal discs your brake pads clamp down on to stop your wheels from turning. The uneven wear on the rotors will create an odd vibration and, ultimately, decrease your braking power.
  6. Odd burning smell while braking – In some cases, overheated brakes will emit a funny burning smell – as the excessive heat in your braking system causes your brake fluid to boil. If the smell persists after you give your vehicle a chance to cool off, bring your vehicle to the shop as soon as possible.
  7. Slow stop times – One of the most obvious signs of a brake problem is a decreased ability to bring your car to a stop. If you find yourself having to hit your brakes well in advance of a stop sign or intersection, odds are, you need to have a qualified European car mechanic take a look at your braking system.

Performance Auto Specialists | Wilmington NC

We realize repairing and replacing major vehicle components – like your brakes – is never fun. But the Performance Auto Specialists team strives to provide the clear education and affordable prices you need to make smart auto service decisions. 

When you contact us with braking system concerns or needs, we’ll answer all of your questions, explain the problem and the solution, and provide a detailed estimate before we perform ANY work.

Need to see a Brake Repair Specialist?Schedule an appointment!

Have unanswered questions about your brake troubles? Give us a call at (910) 343-1650.


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