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Importance of Oil Changes

Proactively changing your vehicle’s oil and filter will help the engine work at its best and prevent costly repairs down the road. Your vehicle’s oil keeps the many components of the engine working efficiently, also reducing the accumulation of varnish and carbon from collecting on the engine. An oil, lube, and filter change is recommended every 3,000 miles or every three months. Rely on Performance Auto Specialists to go the extra mile by offering premium oil additives and fuel system cleaners that eliminate deposit buildup. Keep reading to learn why oil changes are so important.

Maintains Engine Lubrication

All the moving parts, valves, and other engine parts of your vehicle move at high rates of speed under the hood of the car. They create heat and can wear the engine down significantly if not properly lubricated by oil. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to see what weight and grade of oil your vehicle requires.

Removes Engine Wear Particles and Sludge

Dirt particles can cause corrosion over time, decreasing the life of your engine. As time progresses, oil breaks down and turns to sludge, so it is important to keep your engine clean by getting routine oil and filter changes to remove those particles and sludge. This will keep your engine in peak condition.

Improves Gas Mileage

If your vehicle’s engine is poorly lubricated, it can lead to increased fuel consumption, so make sure there is enough clean oil in the engine. With routine changes and the right kind of oil, gas mileage can be improved over time by 1-2%, which can lead to savings of a gallon of gas for a year.

Longer Vehicle Life

Routine maintenance helps your vehicle last longer. When dirty oil is in your engine, internal components are forced to work harder and the fuel economy and power is robbed. When an engine is forced to work too hard, it will end up having problems later on as well as a shorter life span.

Pass Vehicle Emissions Test and Protect the Environment

An emissions test determines how many hydrocarbons are being sprayed into the atmosphere. Failing to change your oil regularly causes a buildup of hydrocarbons inside your engine’s crankcase, causing them to burn up and release into the air through the exhaust system. Changing your oil on time will help you pass the emissions test and pollute less.

Performance Auto Specialists

Performance Auto Specialists has been Wilmington’s family-owned and operated team of trustworthy gearheads since 1991. From oil changes to major engine repairs, we go the extra mile to keep your vehicle running smoothly. We specialize in European auto repairs, so contact us today!

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