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Passing an Emissions Test

Emissions Test | Performance Auto Specialists

Emissions Services | Wilmington, NC | Performance Auto SpecialistsEmissions tests ensure that the levels of toxic gases produced by vehicles do not exceed the defined limits. The tests measure the number of tailpipe emissions produced by car engines to check whether or not the vehicle meets the regulations that restrict emissions of specific pollutants. They measure the levels of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, non-methane organic gases, and formaldehyde. Since motor vehicles are one of the main culprits of air pollution, keeping tailpipe emissions under control is vital in improving air quality and reducing our carbon footprint.

Emissions Tests

Most emissions tests require a visual inspection of the catalytic converter, EVAP system, oxygen or air/fuel ratio sensors, and EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system. If your car fails an emissions test, you will be unable to register it and legally drive it on U.S. roads until it is repaired. Many times, car owners or mechanics can quickly resolve issues that lead to a failed emissions test. The most common causes of a failed emissions test are as follows:

  • Worn spark plugs
  • Leaking gas cap
  • Defective “check engine” light
  • Dirty air filter
  • Rich air-fuel mixture
  • Damaged catalytic converter
  • Defects in the evaporate emission control system (EVAP)

Essentially, all it takes to pass the emissions test is taking good care of your car and performing important maintenance tasks regularly. This includes changing the oil or replacing the air filter. Have your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic to find out what parts may need to be repaired or replaced before taking your car to get its emissions tested. At Performance Auto Specialists we offer quality emission services where we diagnose and repair any emissions issues.

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