Vehicle alignments and ADAS calibrations go hand in hand. A vehicle’s thurst angle must be within manufacturer specifications before the completion of ADAS service. Just like calibrations of driver-assist systems, today’s alignments require state-of-the-art equipment and technician training. At PAS Tech, we are equipped with industry-leading alignment equipment to ensure proper thrust angle and wheel alignment! 

Sure, many shops in our area can perform a basic wheel alignment. Our services shine when paired with the completion of ADAS calibrations. In addition to proper thrust angle and wheel alignment, modern vehicles also require calibration of steering angle sensors, cameras, and other sensors. We possess the proper scan tools, mounted targets, and needed equipment to complete self-learning test drives. 

This technology and equipment allow us to complete all aspects of safety system calibrations under one roof! And that is just one more step we take at PAS Tech to ensure quick cycle times, and seamless completion of repairs, so that vehicles can be returned to their owners as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

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