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Should You Repair Your Old European Car OR Trade It In?

Should You Repair Your Old European Car OR Trade It In?


Repairing any old car comes with its risks. In many cases, it may seem more practical to trade in your outdated European car for a newer, modern model.

However, depending on the particular model of European vehicle you own – as well as its current condition and your unique goals – it very well may be worth it to hold onto your old car for another several years.

Reasons to hold onto your old European car

It is almost always less expensive to repair a used car than to buy a new one. But there are many other reasons you may want to keep hold of your old European vehicle for a while.

  • You still have several good years left with your vehicle. If your car still runs relatively smoothly, has well under 200,000 miles on it, and is in good overall condition, there’s no reason you can’t hold on to your beloved vehicle for another few years. The most challenging part will be finding a team of mechanics who have the skills, knowledge, and tools to service outdated European vehicles.
  • You enjoy the car restoration process. Collectible vehicle restoration can be an extremely satisfying hobby for people who enjoy all things car and working with their hands. However, take caution if you plan to restore your vehicle on your own. European vehicle repair can get tricky. If you try to tackle more complex tasks, you could potentially cause more damage to your vehicle.
  • You see your collectible car as an investment opportunity. Perhaps the thrill of investing in a highly prized model of European vehicle is what drives you. And the collectible car market can really pay off – especially for specific European car models.
  • You simply have a sentimental attachment to your old car. Your reason could honestly even be that you view your car as MORE than just a vehicle – rather as a long-time companion or a priceless possession.

No matter your reason for maintaining your old Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, an expert European vehicle service technician can help you keep your car up-to-snuff.

Need European car service? The team at Performance Auto Specialists is made up of the very best European vehicle experts in the Wilmington, NC area.

How to make the choice

To decide between keeping or trading in your vehicle, follow the steps listed below.

  • Learn more about your specific car model and history. Is your car a highly sought-after model? Or is it known for being more difficult to repair?
  • Determine the best choice for your goals. Are you more interested in investment? Building a collection? Or practicality?
  • Consider your financial situation. Can you afford to put a little money into restoring your outdated European vehicle?
  • Assess your available time and capacity for a new project. Does your schedule and life situation allow for an extra side-project?
  • Find a skilled European car technician. Do you have an expert European car mechanic on hand who really knows their way around European vehicles?

Performance Auto Specialists | European Car Specialists

Our team realizes the high price of proper maintenance can be daunting.

But when you bring your beloved European vehicle to us, our manufacturer-trained, specialized mechanics will give your car the maintenance it deserves (for a much lower price than your dealer’s service department).

Performance Auto Specialists is proud to offer eastern North Carolina efficient, affordable European car repairs, with years of experience fine-tuning our craft. We service European vehicles 3 years and older that are no longer covered under a factory, bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Ready to give your European car the maintenance it deserves? Get fast and reasonably priced European auto repair in Wilmington here with Performance Auto Specialists! Schedule an appointment or call us at (910) 343-1650.



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