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What Causes Motor Mount Failure?

What Causes Motor Mount Failure?

Noticing the signs of motor mount failure and wondering what went wrong? This blog will discuss the most common culprits of motor (or engine) mount failure – natural AND premature.

What is a Motor Mount?

Motor mounts are rubber-metal components that support the motor while it powers your vehicle. In addition to securing your engine and transmission to your vehicle’s subframe, properly functioning motor mounts absorb the force and vibrations of your engine so you don’t actually feel all the movement happening under the hood while driving.

The average vehicle typically has three or four motor mounts to manage the weight of the engine – depending on the engine’s stability, size, and position.

Potential Reasons For Engine Mount Failure

Below, we have listed the five most likely causes of your motor mount failure:

  1. Bad engine mount installation – Bad motor mounts can affect vehicle performance, safety, and overall comfortability. If your mounts weren’t installed properly, odds are you’ll have to replace them prematurely. If you notice any signs of a bad motor mount, bring your car to a qualified European auto shop as soon as possible.
  2. General mechanical fatigue – Like all other car parts, engine mounts will wear down with time and use. Every time you drive your car, your motor mounts sustain more vibration and force, causing stress to the mounts’ rubber components. Plus, because of the constant temperature changes around your engine, the rubber components are prone to general wear, cracking, and dry rot – which will result in excess vibration and noise, and ultimately, engine mount failure.
  3. Poor driving habits – Slamming the brakes on your vehicle, over-revving your gears, excessive driving on rough terrains, and using your manual transmission clutch improperly can place extra strain on your engine mounts. Proper driving practices not only keep you safer on the road, but they also extend the life of your motor mounts.
  4. Motor vehicle accidents – Even if you don’t notice much superficial damage after a car accident, ALWAYS examine your vehicle for internal damage. When your car collides with another vehicle or item, your motor mounts will sustain much of the force and may crack. If you buy a used car, make sure you know the vehicle’s accident history and have an experienced European mechanic inspect your motor mounts and other vehicle components before hitting the road.
  5. Fluid leaks – Engine oil and other fluids can soften and eat away at the rubber in your engine mounts, leading to premature motor mount failure. If you find a leak in your motor, schedule an appointment with a reputable European auto mechanic to fix the leak as quickly as possible.

When to Replace Your Motor Mount

If you catch signs of a bad engine mount early on OR notice any symptoms of engine mount failure – such as excess noise and vibrations – it’s time to bring your car into the shop.

Generally, motor mounts last 5 to 7 years. However, we recommend getting your engine mounts checked every time you bring your car to the shop for routine maintenance.

More often than not, you don’t necessarily need to replace all of your motor mounts at the same time. You can typically just replace the mount(s) that need immediate replacing. However, if just one mount fails, it will place extra stress on the other mounts. So, you may consider replacing all mounts at once as a preventative measure.

Performance Auto Specialists | Wilmington NC

We realize that auto repairs are often inevitable. But at Performance Auto Specialists, we strive to provide the education and affordable prices you need to make smart vehicle service decisions. 

When you contact us with engine mount concerns or needs, we’ll answer all of your questions, explain the problem and the solution, and provide a detailed estimate before we perform ANY work.

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