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NC State Inspection Requirements

Everyone has to get one done at some point in their lives. It’s not always an easy task and if you are new to the auto industry, performing this simple task can sometimes come off as daunting. We’re talking about getting your vehicle inspected! Vehicle inspections are actually not as scary as they may seem, especially if you know all of the requirements before going to your local inspection station. Inspection station?! Yes, inspection station. Lucky for you, you have one in your own backyard, Performance Auto Specialists! But just in case you are still wary about getting your vehicle inspected, we have put together some tips to ensure your next vehicle inspection is a breeze.

Inspection Stations

Inspection stations are places that have been certified by the NC DOT that will run your vehicle through the essential inspection process and ensure that you are good to go. In North Carolina, there are roughly 7,500 certified inspection stations that can find here.

What Does the Inspection Consist Of?

Most NC Inspection customers will have to undergo a two-part inspection process. Including here in Brunswick County.

The first part of the inspection is the safety inspection. The safety inspection is to diagnose your vehicle and make sure that everything is operating properly. During part one your vehicle’s headlights, accessory lights, directional signals, brakes, steering wheel, and windshield wipers will be assessed. Please note, if your vehicle is 35 years old or older, you will not need a safety inspection. After your vehicle passes part one, you will go on to part two, the OBD emissions inspection.

North Carolina is fighting ozone-forming emissions from gasoline-operated cars and light-duty trucks. Inspections are conducted using the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) system, computerized equipment installed on all new vehicles since 1996. If you reside in any of these counties, you will need an emissions inspection. One thing to keep in mind is you may have heard of a new policy that would allow you to bypass the emissions test. Well, the legislation was passed for Brunswick County and a few other counties to get rid of emissions inspections and even though everyone is trying to hold out, thinking they won’t have to pass emissions and not repairing their cars when in reality the EPA has not passed this bill and there is no timeline update on when or if they will. With that being said, we highly recommend taking care of your emissions issues.

Show Me the Money

Now that you know about NC inspections, make sure that you are prepared to pay the associated fees. For a full inspection, you are looking at a fee of roughly $30. If you live in a county that does not require emissions checks, you can save yourself a few bucks, with a safety inspection coming out to $13.60.


If you still have questions about NC state inspection, contact Performance Auto Specialists. We are experts on all things auto and can answer even the trickiest inquiry. We look forward to speaking with you!


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