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ADAS Calibration

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Advanced driver-assistance system or ADAS for short, is a crucial component of your vehicle that works to actively keep you safe. Your vehicle’s ADAS system consists of accident-avoiding components such as blind-spot monitors. This makes having your system calibrated correctly a pivotal step in ensuring your safety behind the wheel. If your system isn’t calibrated correctly visit your local European auto repair Wilmington shop to ensure your vehicle is running safely and at peak performance.

Proper Calibration

Having your ADAS system calibrated isn’t always an easy thing. Oftentimes, auto repair shops that offer ADAS repairs tend to calibrate the system incorrectly causing more harm to you and your vehicle. ADAS systems use modern technology such as sensors and software to help the driver maneuver around obstacles. These sensors use radar, ultrasound, lidar along with the help of cameras to keep the driver on task and away from harm. Having a European auto repair Wilmington specialist with years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the different components of modern ADAS systems can save you thousands. This is especially true for newer luxury European vehicles that offer a multitude of safety features as part of their ADAS system.

Components of an ADAS System

  • Adaptive cruise control– is a modern version of cruise control that adjusts your speed to maintain a safe distance
  • Anti-lock braking system- uses short pumps to slow and stop your vehicle to keep the car from locking up and losing control
  • Automatic parking– is used to get your car into harder to fit spots safely
  • Automotive navigation system- also known as GPS helps you get you to your destination safely and efficiently
  • Blindspot detection system– is a monitoring system that alerts you of dangers in hard to see areas around your vehicle
  • Collision avoidance system– is a series of components such as automatic braking that assists in navigating obstacles
  • Lane centering and lane departure warning system- helps maintain your vehicle in the center of the lane and warns the driver when they are drifting into another lane in a dangerous manner
  • Tire pressure monitoring– alerts the driver to the pressure in the vehicle’s tires, keeping them at a safe level at all times

Performance Auto Specialists | European Auto Repair Wilmington

Having a properly calibrated ADAS system is an essential part of ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and overall safety. By reducing the stress on the safety components of your car, you are decreasing the risk of getting into an accident, which is why you always want to make sure your car is properly calibrated by European auto repair Wilmington. Performance Auto Specialists is a European auto repair Wilmington shop that specializes in providing expert repairs at a much lower cost compared to the dealer. To learn more about our services, visit our website!

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