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BG Gasoline Direct Injection Service or #GDI

Here at Performance Auto Specialist in Wilmington, NC, we’re interested and enthusiastic in keeping your GDI engine running at peak – or any other type of European auto you may be driving. Preventative maintenance goes a very long way on key components of your car, and can save you thousands later on. In addition, your car will perform its very best for years to come – with a BG service.

If you are not sure whether or not your car has GDI, we can help. For statistical purposes, I’ll tell you that the trend began gaining momentum among auto manufacturers and now over 50% of cars made today have the technology. Since this time, several European and domestic manufacturers have issued technical service bulletins telling their customers to only use name brand detergent gasoline and use a fuel system cleaner when they refuel. We all get busy in our lives and typically will buy gas wherever we can and often don’t opt for additives.

With our BG service, we’ll get your GDI system clean, and it is worth it. On a BMW forum, I read about a gentleman with a BMW 2009 750li who took his car to the dealer and they said it had massive carbon build up. Fasten your helmet, the dealer wanted $17,000 to decarbonize the system.  Happily, some automakers have started modifying the system to have it spray fuel in the valves to keep them clean.

“By injecting gas­oline at high pressure directly into the engine’s combustion chamber, direct injection more precisely measures fuel than conventional fuel-injection systems or old-time carburetors. The result is more complete combustion and cooler cylinder temperatures that enable a higher compression ratio for greater efficiency and power. Engine technology supplier Bosch says that direct injection can return a 15 percent gain in fuel economy while boosting low-end torque as much as 50 percent.” – via Consumer Reports

TPI vs GDI injection

Typically you’ll notice a few symptoms once your car starts to suffer from the carbon build up issues. Power loss, poor fuel economy, rough idle, hard starting, pinging/knocking and increased emissions are the notables that arise. With a BG Service performed by Performance Auto Specialists, you’ll see and feel a noticeable difference in the performance and drivability of your car.

It’s important to note that not all GDI engines experience problems, but with the design and engineering changing all the time, it’s never a bad idea to stay ahead of a potential problem, which is why we offer this service. We want to keep you on the road and as trouble free as possible. Here’s a short video explaining the basics of the operation and how a BG service works.

All in all, preventative maintenance is always a good idea. Whether its a fuel system treatment, transmission flush, brake fluid change and beyond – all of these systems will operate at peak and last years beyond non-serviced cars, or those that just get oil changes and forget the rest. You get peace of mind and knowledge of knowing that your car is going to get you where you’re going safely without issue when you opt for preventative maintenance.

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