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BMW Servicing Tips

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BMW Servicing Tips

BMW is among the best European automakers, but even the ultimate driving machine needs a tune up from time to time. To keep your BMW at peak performance, regular servicing and maintenance are necessary. Routine care also improves fuel efficiency, prolongs the life of your engine, and prevents small problems from becoming big expenses. From oil changes to seasonal maintenance, the master technicians at Performance Auto Specialists care for your BMW as if it’s our own – and we want you to know when it’s time to stop in for an appointment. Follow these four guidelines when it comes to servicing your new or pre-owned BMW.

Follow the recommended BMW service intervals

Oil change, tire rotation, spark plugs, and more – there are a number of services that must be performed at various intervals of time to keep your BMW running smoothly. Luckily, BMW programs service interval lights into the dash to keep you on schedule. You can view the manufacturer recommended service schedule for your vehicle’s year and model, or follow these general guidelines for car care:
• 5,000 – 10,000 miles – Routine oil change
• 10,000 miles – Check brakes, tire pressure, indicator and dashboard lights, fluids, belts, and hoses
• 30,000 – 60,000 miles – A thorough inspection of power steering, transmission, fuel connections, exhaust system, brakes, tires and wheels, battery, and heat and AC.

Don’t forget the body and interior

When it comes to routine maintenance, it doesn’t all happen under the hood. Regularly caring for the body and interior of your BMW will keep it looking sharp for years to come. Every six months, or more frequently in places with seasonal weather patterns, BMW owners should:

• Check the paint and body for scratches or blemishes
• Test interior and exterior lights
• Vacuum floor boards and mats
• Clean and protect fabric and leather upholstery
• Wash the windows
• Wash and wax the car

Take seasonal maintenance into account

Weather can cause major wear and tear on a vehicle. If you want the luxury look to last, protect your BMW as the climate changes, especially in the winter and spring.
• Winter – It’s easy to argue that BMW’s are more enjoyable in the warm summer months than in the sleet and snow winter brings. Be sure to check the condition and age of your battery for an easy startup on those cold mornings. Also, tires should be properly inflated with adequate tread. Cold temperatures are known to weaken belts and hoses, so perform a quick quality check when winter hits. Finally, make sure antifreeze and coolant levels are sufficient to protect your engine.
• Spring – Shake the winter blues and get ready for road trips and Sunday drives. Your first stop should be the car wash to remove any salt and grit leftover from icy streets. Next, stop by Performance Auto Specialists for an oil change, including the oil filter. Not too dissimilar from winter maintenance, you should also check the tires, belts, and hoses. Don’t forget to examine the brakes, which also could have leftover winter grime hindering their performance.

Don’t ignore the signs

You know your BMW better than anyone else. If something doesn’t sound right or it it’s just not performing like it used to, make an appointment with Performance Auto Specialists. We can run computerized diagnostics to determine the problem before it gets worse. From emissions to brakes and engines to AC, we perform any service needed to get your BMW back on the road. Performance Auto Specialists also follows routine maintenance plans recommended by the manufacturer to help keep unexpected problems at bay.

Contact us today (910) 343-1650 and schedule a servicing appointment for your BMW.

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