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Premium Vs. Regular Gas

Premium vs regular gas - Performance Auto Specialists

We all require gas for our vehicles unless its an electric vehicle of course. However, what exactly separates premium vs regular gas? Besides the price point, which is better? Does it depend on your vehicle? These are all questions car owners need to be asking themselves when purchasing or maintaining their vehicle.

When buying a vehicle, it is important to keep in mind the amount of investment you will put into your new car. This includes what you buy at the pump. All gas brands are required contain the minimum level of detergents required by government standards. Those levels are enough to prevent the build-up of carbon deposits in some engines.

Regular Unleaded Gas

Regular Unleaded Gas is the most common form of gasoline used for most vehicles. A byproduct of crude oil, RUG is highly flammable. It does not contain any lead compounds, making it more environmentally friendly and less hazardous to health than gasoline with lead. RUG’s octane rating, is 87.

Premium Gas

Premium gasoline has many similar characteristics to those of regular unleaded gas. It is also made from crude oil and combustible substance. The octane rating of premium gas varies, but generally it is 90 or higher. Premium gas is also known as “high octane gas.” It keeps engines cleaner due to detergent additives, and produces less pollution.

Octane Ratings

Gasoline grades are based on octane ratings. The higher the octane level, the greater the fuel’s resistance to knocking or pinging during combustion. Internal combustion engines work through compressing a mixture of air and fuel. This ignites the spark plug and creates a controlled explosion. This explosion powers the engine to run the vehicle. At times, the fuel mixture ignites before it should create an unstable explosion called “knocking.” This issue reduces car performance, as well as damages engine parts.

Premium gas, with a higher level can handle knocking better than regular gas. However, modern engines with better designs and automatic knocking sensors, can run just as efficiently on regular gas.

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