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Transmission Repair

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What To Do If Your Transmission Is In Trouble

If your transmission is in trouble, the first option is usually a repair. Oftentimes, this is the cheapest option when it comes to transmission repair cost. It also depends on what part of the transmission needs to be fixed. For some vehicles, a leak that needs repairing may cost from $150 to $200. One the other hand, for something more serious, like a solenoid repair, you may be looking at costs between $300 and $850.

If various parts of your transmission are failing and need to be fixed, and require more than a simple fix, then a rebuild is probably your best option. This option is more costly than your average repair, but much cheaper than a full replacement. The average cost when it comes to rebuilding a transmission is between $2800 and $3800.

5 Signs Your Transmission Is Out

1. Transmission Slipping

If you’re transmission begins slipping, it can feel as though you’re driving in one gear and then it changes for no reason. The noise that comes from the engine may change in pitch and start to sound like whining.

2. Rough Shift

When your car feels like it’s refusing to change gears like it normally does, or the gear does not shift smoothly, then this an early sign of transmission issues. Sometimes you can hear loud “clunks” or “thuds” when the gears shift in your vehicle, these are also early warning signs to look out for.

3. Delayed Engagement

You will notice a delay when you shift out of Park “P” into Drive “D” or Reverse “R.” Instead of immediately going  into action, the vehicle will hold off a few seconds before it actually begins to move.

4. Fluid Leak

Your transmission should never leak. Transmission fluid is a bright red, but can also be a dark red or brown. If you see fluid leaking in your driveway that are either of these colors then it is best to check and see if it is actually your transmission that is leaking. Visit your auto shop if it is indeed your transmission fluid.

5. Transmission Warning Light

A warning light, such as the “check engine” light doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with your transmission, but if any of these other issues above are present, then it could be the transmission.

When it comes to checking to see if these lights mean anything, most auto shops and even auto parts shops have machines that can read these codes.

Transmission Repair

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